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Pediatric Over the Counter Dosage Charts

Delaware Pediatrics in Buffalo, NY

Please contact our office to speak with a nurse should you have any questions or concerns regarding these over-the-counter medications. Our nursing staff can be reached at (716) 884-0230.

Benadryl Dosage Chart

Benadryl can help reduce your child’s symptoms during an allergic reaction. Benadryl which is also available as generic Diphenhydramine is an over-the-counter antihistamine for use during allergic reactions. Benadryl dosing is based on weight and not age. The following chart can help determine the correct dose for your child based on your child’s weight but is no substitute for your doctor’s advice, and you should always call the pediatrician if you have any questions. Benadryl is available in liquid, chewable, and tablet forms. Chewables may be a choking hazard and are not recommended for children under 18 months.

Use the following tips to keep your child safe and avoid overdosing:

  • Benadryl is also a sedative and care must be taken not to overdose your child.
  • Give every six hours as needed. Don’t exceed four doses in 24 hours.
  • Don’t give Benadryl to children under 1 year without calling your doctor first.
  • Always read the label first, since different medicines have different concentrations.
  • Always use the measuring device (dropper or measuring cup) that comes with the medication or you could risk overdosing. Never use droppers from different medications or spoons from the kitchen.

Remember to call the pediatrician for:

  • Children under 1 year having an allergic reaction
  • If your child is flushed, coughing, drooling, or having difficulty breathing call 911 and proceed to the nearest emergency room.

benadryl dosage chart

Printable Versions of Pediatric Dosage Charts