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HPV and the Importance of the Gardasil 9 Vaccine

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What Is HPV and Why the Concern?

HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus. HPV is one of the most commonly Transmitted (STI) Infections according to the  American Academy of Pediatrics. There are 40 different strains of HPV, many of which cause warts, but others can cause cancer. Not every infection leads to cancer, but nevertheless, you need to understand the severe consequences of ignoring this serious disease.

Most people have no symptoms and are not aware they have been infected with HPV.  Later in life they can develop risk factors for 6 types of cancer.

Warts often develop as a result of HPV, common warts on fingers, hands, elbows, and plantar warts on the feet. Most of these conditions can be treated in our office or with over the counter medications. Please contact our office for more information and ask to speak with our nursing staff. 

doctor injecting hpv vaccine into patientProtecting Your Children from HPV

The Gardasil 9 vaccine is the ultimate protection from HPV.  Our doctors start the conversation for the HPV vaccine starting at age 10. We recommend 2 doses by age 13 years.  Adolescents age 15 and older who have not had the vaccine will need three doses. 

Almost 34 thousand people are diagnosed with cancer caused by the HPV virus every year.  Almost 90% of those cancers can be prevented with the vaccine. Don’t delay in getting your vaccination. There is no cure if you have the virus, but you can protect your children before they are infected.

Starting in January, Delaware Pediatrics embarked upon a campaign to increase HPV vaccine rates. With a unified commitment to cancer prevention, we are pleased to announce that our HPV completion rate by 13 years of age increased from 41% in 2018 to 56% by July of 2019. We plan to keep up the good work as we move toward our goal of 100% of kids being protected!

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