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Now is the Time to Schedule Your Child’s Summer Physical!

Spring is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to schedule your child’s physical with Delaware Pediatrics. Since spots tend to fill up quickly, we ask that our patients request an appointment early to ensure your child can be seen before their physical exam deadline!

In addition to getting back into the classroom, some students may be preparing to get back onto the sports field. Before this can happen, most school districts require students to undergo a sports physical before they can try out or participate in any athletic team.

When is the Best Time to Complete a Sports Physical?

The optimal time to have a physical performed is six weeks before the start of the sports season. If any injuries or conditions are found, six weeks will give the student time to be treated and recover. If physicals are completed seven weeks or more prior to the season, conditions may develop between the time of examination and the start date of the sport.

What Tests are Performed?

The student will undergo a review of their medical history as well as a physical examination. Their doctor will evaluate the following factors to determine whether the student is cleared to play their specific sport:

Height & Weight. In most cases, these measurements are not a cause for concern. In rare instances, the doctor may determine that the athlete’s height or weight may be a risk factor.

Blood Pressure. High or low blood pressure will usually not disqualify someone from participation, however, follow-up care may be recommended.

Heart. The doctor will listen to your child’s heart and review the medical history. Further testing will be ordered if necessary.

Abdomen. An examination of the abdomen will be performed to assess the risk of tearing during contact sports.

Muscles & Skeleton. The student’s overall body structure and capability of movement will be observed. Their doctor will also check their back to determine if scoliosis is present.

If Health Issues are Found, Can My Child Still Participate?

If medical issues are present, potential solutions and treatments will be discussed. If the condition is permanent, a judgment will be made to place the student-athlete into one of the following participation categorizations:

Unrestricted Participation. The student may play in the specified sport without any constraints.

Clearance With Coach Notification. The student-athlete is cleared to play the sport, but special accommodations may be warranted in certain circumstances.

Deferred Clearance. Clearance cannot be given at this time, but a treatment plan will be put in place for future evaluation.

Disqualification. Participation in the sport is prohibited.

Looking for a Summer Camp Physical?

Most summer camps require campers to complete a physical, but we’ve got you covered! A summer camp physical examination is very similar to sports physicals. It is important to have this exam done because:

  • It determines your child’s general health and highlights any safety concerns as it relates to activities such as swimming, hiking, and other activities.
  • Our doctors can discover and begin treating any pre-existing conditions.
  • If any issues are found, our providers can recommend tips to keep your child safe at camp.

Delaware Pediatrics is committed to ensuring your child will be healthy and ready for summer fun. To schedule your child’s physical, please call (716) 884-0230.

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