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Gluten-Free, or not Gluten-Free, that is the question?

August 2, 2018 4:37 pm Published by

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In the August 2018 issue of Pediatrics, a study was published titled, “The Nutritional Quality of Gluten-Free Products for Children.” The study examined the nutritional content of gluten-free products marketed specifically toward children. Over 350 products targeted toward children were analyzed during this study. The items purchased were from two of the largest supermarket chains in Calgary, Canada. The authors of this study compared the nutritional quality and the nutrient profile of products that were labeled gluten-free to products that were not.

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How did gluten-free products measure up to their traditional counterparts?

The findings revealed products that were labeled gluten-free were not any better for your child nutritionally than regular foods and products that contain gluten. It has been proven approximately 80% of gluten-free products targeted toward children have a higher sugar level. 88% of these products can be classified as having poor nutritional quality due to levels of sodium, sugar, and fat. Products targeted toward children labeled gluten-free were found to have a lower protein level and a similar percentage of calories from sugar compared to products that did not claim to be gluten-free.

Parents who have children with gluten sensitivities, intolerance, or other health issues, should always look at the product labels carefully when making a purchase.Shopping mother reads a nutrition label at the grocery store before purchasing

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